Saturday, March 13, 2010

6th SBS @ 'Sri Jain's Education Society'

On the 7th march 2010, the volunteers visited the Children House of the ‘Sri Jain Education Society’, located off Manandavadi Road, Mysore south.

This institution, established in 1986 is one of the earliest efforts within Mysore to help the destitute children. Over the years, the initiative has drawn admiration from many. In 1992, the Government of Karnataka accorded the institution with the honor of voluntary organization. 

The children home is a very clean and well maintained facility located off the busy Manandavadi Road. The facility is also equipped with a library, couple of desktops, spacious dining hall and a wide porch.
The establishment also doubles up as the office of the monthly magazine ‘Dharmachakra’. This publication has the distinction of being the only Jaina periodical in Kannada with multi coloured printing.

The event started at 8.30 AM with breakfast serving to the children. The children were served with Idli-Vada and Badam milk.

After the breakfast serving few of the volunteers caught up with Mr. Sona, one of the caretakers at the ‘Jain’s Education Society’. He informed the volunteers more about the place.
“We mandatorily educate the children till 10th standard. After that usually we help find these children a donor who will support their education further”, he said. He further added that, “We have appointed a tuition teacher to visit the facility everyday and complement the teachings at school.”

Meanwhile the children assembled in general hall for a birthday celebrations.

The children sang the birthday song and the two volunteers well. Few of them volunteered to present songs and jokes.

The volunteers then wished the management of ‘Sri Jain’s Education Society’ for their good work and bid adieu to the children with a promise to come back soon.

More children to be met… More smiles to be spread… And more hopes to be nurtured… The Aashayein caravan shall go on. See you next week with more updates.

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  2. @ Akhi:
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