Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aashayein – Mysore, Inaugural Act

Any other Sunday for the 30 odds kids at the Chayadevi Anathashrama, Mysore would have meant a routine breakfast and the usual loneliness that followed. But, Sunday, 31st of January 2010 was destined to be special. Over 50 volunteers of Aashayein Foundation came together to make a difference to the lives of 60 odd residents of the Chayadevi Anathashrama. The residents comprised of children, women and senior citizens. The volunteers gathered at the venue by 8.00AM and started the day off with serving breakfast to the residents. The event was a part of the 'Sunday Breakfast Serving' exercise of Aashayein Foundation - Mysore, intended to reach out to the children of various orphanages and underprivileged schools among other institutions.

Aashayein Foundation is a group of enthusiastic volunteers dedicated to spread joy and nurture hope among the underprivileged sections of the society. The vision is to empower the children with quality education and close mentoring so that they can confidently compete with the mainstream society. Clearly the emphasis is on leveraging education as a means to realize the vision. The experience of spending a day with the innocent souls was an enriching experience for the volunteers too.

Chuku Buku Railu...

The bogies of Aashayein Express ran back to back with those of Chayadevi express in a memorable journey round the corridors of the anathashrama. The maiden journey was to spread joy and goodwill along the corridors.

Once I had an Aunty…. Aunty Monica

One of the most memorable moments was that in which the little friends enacting a popular nursery rhyme. The little kids ecstatically danced to their nursery rhyme to an audience full of volunteers and fellow residents. The act, full of innocence drew huge applause from the audience.

Happy Birthday ‘Shashi’…

Shashi Bhai, veteran from the AF-Bangalore celebrated his birthday on the occasion with the children. He treated the kids with yummy cake and chocolates. “There isn’t a better way to celebrate a birthday than with these kids”, he added.

If you too would like to celebrate any of your special occasions in such fashion, write to us at - aashayein.mysore@gmail.com

Dinka taka.. Dinka Taka… Dinn..

The kids threw in a surprise dance number...

“Dinka taka.. dinka taka …Dinn”

The catchy tune and the interesting lyrics was enough for few of the volunteers to join them.

Boom Boom Balloons…

The kids were led to a game of balloon bursting. A balloon was tied to each one’s ankle. The game was to balloons tied to the opponent’s foot, while watching out for their own. Multiple rounds of the game ensured hearty laughs among the crowd.

Goodies to All…

Marking the occasion, the team Aashayein-Mysore distributed Pencil boxes, Pencils, Rulers, GK books, Short Story books, Colour Cryons to the kids. Essential medicines were distributed among the older residents. The needy were also given footwear.

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  1. Great start Aashayein Mysore.. Wishing you all the very best for all your future endevours..

  2. Superb!!!! I hope to get into this soon and do something really productive use of my salary :D

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