Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Sunday Breakfast Serving

The nine enthusiastic volunteers visited Chamundi Children’s home on Sunday, 7th of February 2010 to spread hope among the 20 odd children. The venue architecturally resembled an ancestral residence with a large porch and wide corridors. The corridors were marked with pillars that rendered a sacred look to the place. 

While speaking to the kids, it was learnt that they would get up at 5.30 AM everyday (Sunday included) and take part in the mass drill. Few of the volunteers, the late risers in particular were quite embarrassed to know this. And on the holidays and Sundays they would assist the care taker in cleaning the rooms, brooming the corridors, trimming the hedges and attending to other general maintenance. It was also learnt that few of the children have to walk couple of miles to take up their tuition everyday at 6 AM.

At 8.30 AM, the children assembled at their dining room and sat by their best buddies around the round table. Soon the breakfast was served to them. The kids took a moment out before to thank the lord for the meal. They sung a prayer in unison to the almighty seeking for his blessings and guidance.

The jokes and chit chat of the children at the breakfast table had innocence stamped all over it.

After the breakfast, the volunteers gathered around the common hall. The care taker of the children home informed the volunteers about the special measures that were taken up by the management to engage the residents with creative actions. She particularly pointed out the measures taken to get a ‘sugama sangeetha’ instructor and impart few classes of music to the children. She also mentioned about the ‘English’ teachers who would impart language classes to those pursuing their 9th and 10th standard schooling.

After the talk, the group (children + volunteers) resorted to some fun activities. It was decided that the kids will showcase some of their talents. It was a surprise that the kids had some of the group performances ready, thanks to the recently concluded republic day celebrations at the childrens home. 

The group also visited the Anandalaya, Highway circle. Anandalaya is home to about 20 kids who have no other home to stay. The volunteers served breakfast to the residents there as well. 

Volunteers Present for the 2nd SBS :
• Akhilesh M
• Ananth G. S
• Anil Kothari
• Arpitha A. S
• Girish
• Jayanth Jagadeesh
• Roopa
• Satishchandra L
• Mrs. Shashikala

There are more kids to be reached out to... more smiles to be spread and more hopes to be nurtured… The Aashayein caravan shall go on. See you next week with more updates.

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